Award winning craft beer from Shakopee, Minnesota

Brewer's Batch

Badger Hill Brewing Company

Brewer’s Batch

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Congrats! You’re the proud owner of a Badger Hill Mixed Pack!

We bet you’re wondering what’s inside, right? Lucky you - you’re holding three cans each of:
*Traitor IPA

*Goldy Golden Ale

*Hop Hill Pale Ale


*Brewer’s Batch Vanilla Macchiato Stout


About Brewer’s Batch Vanilla Macchiato Stout

Brewed by Chase Dutton especially for our Mixed Pack - the Vanilla Macchiato Stout has a hint of vanilla sweetness paired with the smoothness you look for in a milk stout. Pair that with Cameron’s Coffee Velvet Moon Organic Coffee and you’ve got a winner in your hands! This beer is only found in our Mixed Packs!