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Overview of beers produced by Badger Hill Brewing

Here’s a little bit about a few of our beers.

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2018 Traitor Can no shadow.png

Traitor IPA

7% ABV * 70 IBU

One person’s traitor is another person’s hero, and this IPA just might be yours. Part West Coast IPA, part not, Traitor rebels against style definitions. We let our hop lovin’ wishes come true, with lots and lots and lots of Citra, Centennial, Cascade and Galaxy hops added throughout the brewing process, including dry-hopping, to give distinct hop flavor and waves of aroma. Go ahead….Betray Your IPA.

AVAILABLE: Draft and 6-Packs

2018 Goldy Ale can no shadow.png

Goldy AlE

4.9% ABV * 18 IBU

This light and fruity Golden Ale has a touch of malt sweetness, lofty notes of lime and melon and floral overtones. It’s what we call “Have a fewable” at a sessionable 4.9%ABV.

AVAILABLE: Draft and 6-Packs

2018 Hop Hill Can no shadow.png

Hop Hill Pale AlE

5.3 % ABV * 40 IBU

Hop Hill tastes like courage. It tastes like a satisfying click on a Cat-5 cable or a perfectly hit golf ball. It has the aroma of hope, rebellion and stability. It’s clear, like vision or like glacial ice. On a more serious note- Hop Hill is the perfect pale ale. Notes of grapefruit, crisp bitterness, easy drinking with just enough body and bitterness to create a satisfying finish and flavor.

AVAILABLE: Draft and 6-Packs


Post Time Peach Pale ALe

5.3% ABV * 40 IBU

Brewed in collaboration with Canterbury Park this refreshing Pale Ale has a hint of peach making it the perfect brew for drinking when betting on the ponies!

AVAILABLE: Draft and 6-Packs

Mixed Pack PNG.png



Three cans each of:
Traitor IPA

Hop Hill Pale Ale

Goldy Ale

Brewer’s Batch: Banana Stand Hefeweizen



6.4% ABV * 60 IBU

Honey Badger is made with German malts typically used for German amber lagers as well as locally sourced honey for a robust IPA with a touch of floral sweetness that is perfect for the cooling weather. It is also packed with Cascade, Citra and Mosaic hops for blasts of citrus, papaya and berry amidst the toasty malt background. It's a little different but Honey Badger don't give a f*@k because it's also delicious.

AVAILABLE: Draft and 6-Packs

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