Save the bees! HEXIT, Todd the Axeman and you.

On Saturday, January 28th, 2017 at 12:00pm CST, Badger Hill Brewing is releasing HEXIT, a collaboration with brewer Todd Haug, formerly of Surly Brewing of Minneapolis and currently with Three Floyd’s Brewing in the Chicago area. HEXIT is a hoppy braggot, a beer made with a lot of honey. It’s around 6.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) and about 65 IBU with a metric fuckton of aroma hops. We are selling bottles from the taproom, limit 2, starting at noon, while supplies last. Each bottle is $18. Valid ID is required for purchase.

A friend of Broc and Britt, the founders of Badger Hill, knew a guy with a bunch of honey on his hands that had apparently been intended for a Todd Haug brew at Surly prior to his departure. Britt wondered if Todd still wanted to brew it, maybe with Badger Hill? Broc texted Todd who responded with “F YEAH”. Thus a new collaboration was born.

We admire Surly Brewing for the bad-ass brewery they are. I was buying 5 gallon kegs of Surly Furious in the earliest days of their distribution. The Surly Bill, as it is known, changed the beer economy in Minnesota and allowed companies like Badger Hill to have a fighting chance. I personally have always admired Omar and have enjoyed meeting him a few times. We also know many of the people at Surly, from brewers to marketers, and they are friendly, helpful, knowledgable and fun folks. We felt no need to ask permission from Surly and as far as we know there is no hard feelings on their end. What happened between Todd and Surly is between them; we haven’t asked.

the main thing
Todd insisted from the beginning that the purpose of this collaboration be to raise money and awareness for the decline of the bee population. Profits from HEXIT will go directly to the Minnesota Honey Producers Association and the University of Minnesota Bee Lab.

the beer
This Braggot-style IPA is made with local Sweet Bee Honey from Rufer Apiaries of Waverly, MN. The malt bill is a combination of honey, honey malt and oats. It is dry hopped with over 7 pounds per barrel of the kindest aroma hops in the world, including Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe. A portion was hand-bottled and dipped in beeswax from the apiary.

When you use 100% honey it’s called mead. Mead does not taste like beer so it is a new and interesting thing for many of us to taste a beer made with an almost mead-like amount of honey.

the people

  • Todd and Linda Haug had the vision for this beer and what it could do to help the bee population.
  • Todd Haug supervised the brew and played mind-bending guitar on brew day. He stayed in touch during the entire process as we gave him gravities, pH and turbidities.
  • Local artist Brandon Holt illustrated the awesome and intricate label.
  • Rufer Apiaries supplied the honey and the beeswax.

At Badger Hill Brewing:

  • Chase Dutton along with Todd Koppelman, Tim Johnson and Robert Ackerman babysat the beer and cellared and packaged it with loving care and attention to detail.
  • Britt, Jen, and Giselle smoothly managed the deliverables and expectations of all of the constituents.
  • Joel is working with our distributors so more people can try this one of a kind beer in bottles at liquor stores and pints at local bars and restaurants.
  • Broc and I made sure to taste the beer often and interjected loud drum loops (me) or power chords (Broc) as necessary.
  • You bought the beer to help the bees and you are going to take this bee shit seriously.

Thank you everyone! I┬áreally hope you enjoy HEXIT. We’ll all be at the brewery on Saturday (tomorrow!) so please say hi.

Michael Koppelman
Head Brewer
Badger Hill Brewing
Shakopee, MN USA

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