Staying true to the brew. Mostly

Frankly, we’d rather be talking about the beer. But ok, here goes:

A family united by a hankering for travel and craft beer. In our blood: A melting pot of European heritage. Our passion: The singular love of beer. Our mission: Sharing what topped our taste-o-meters. We do hope you like them—and our promise is that we’ll keep coming up with new recipes while staying true to the brew. Mostly.

Wondering about our name? Badger Hill is a rough translation of the two brothers’ names in Old English and speaks to the influence of their European heritage. Plus, they liked how it sounded.

But enough about us, already. On with the beer.

New Brewery & Taproom coming to Shakopee
New Brewery & Taproom coming to Shakopee

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a new production brewery and taproom in the 2nd half of 2014. While full details and plans will be announced in the coming months here is what we can share so far!

  • We will be housed in a 13,000 square foot industrial warehouse with an adjoining 2,500 square foot building, which will serve as the brewery’s taproom and a 1000 square foot patio
  • The  brewery will be located at 4571 Valley Industrial Blvd. S - a mile away from both Canterbury Park and Valleyfair 
  • Expansion will include a new brew house, canning line and capacity to brew our own beer as well as pay it forward to other local MN craft breweries through alternate proprietorship agreements.
  • We could not have gotten this far without our good friends and partners the past 2.5 years at Lucid Brewing
  • The Shakopee location was made possible by the City of Shakopee  City Council and Mayor Brad Tabke with their leadership in passing ordinance changes to allow for a brewery and taproom.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Partnership with Lucid Brewing
Partnership with Lucid Brewing

As brewery owners, we often get caught up in beers and beer styles in explaining our story, but we also think the Alternating Proprietorship agreement we have with Lucid Brewing is a fantastic story to share, especially in these volatile economic times. Its essence is built upon two breweries, and two groups of owners, helping each other succeed. The Alt/Prop arrangement is designed to let two emerging craft brewers share, and therefore reduce, capital expenditure costs and to leverage each other’s infrastructure. In plain English, Lucid and Badger Hill can each invest in better equipment and can then share that equipment with the other to better utilize it. To learn more about Alt/Prop, the TTB has an excellent circular online at the  TTB site

Brewery Location
Brewery Location

You can find us at our shared space with Lucid Brewing in Minnetonka, just west of 494 and 62. Lucid operates growler hours Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday afternoons. Visit their website for details and hours.

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