Three Tree American Rye

Three Tree American Rye

A German, a Belgian and an American walk into a bar. This isn’t a joke, but a modern tale of Rye Ale making—rooted in a rich family legacy. Our brew resembles a German Roggeinbier, but is eccentric enough to skew Belgian with its seven unique malts. Seven!  This crisp beer has been crafted with just the right mix of spicy rye, distinctive malt flavor, and hoppiness making it an all-American home run. Let your palate branch out with this winning ale

  • launch:July 2012
  • availability:No longer in production
  • abv:5.2% by Vol.
  • plato:12
  • ibu:48
What’s in the brew?

Seven various malts including Munich, Pale and Caramel,  American Hops

Food Parings

Go bold with this one! The spiciness of the rye balances well with food that has some heat. Try with Jamaican Jerk chicken or a fully loaded Cajun burger. A sharp cheddar or pepper jack complement well.