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Badger Hill Beer

To your left, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, is a list of the beers we pour our heart and soul into. Select one to learn more or keep reading!

For the hop head check out Traitor IPA and Hop Hill Pale Ale.

If you are more into balanced beers, take a look at High Road and MSB.

On the lighter side we have our (GABF Gold Medal winner) White IPA and our easy-drinking K├Âlsch-style Minne-Ale.

And for the lovers of black beer, Foundation Stout is your ally.

Finally, feast your eyes on our ever-changing taproom beer line up.

To see what other people are saying about our beer and where they’ve been buying it, check out Badger Hill Brewing on Untapped. For more hardcore beer dork review and notes, take a look at Badger Hill Brewing on Beer Advocate.


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